1x Servant Key


Package Description

Crate Keys: 1x Servant Key

This package will credit you with 1 Servant Key, our best key yet for getting extra servants, for use at /warp crates

You will receive a guaranteed Servant accessible from /servant ! Servants are used to automatically perform mining and slaying tasks. There are 7 tiers of Servants to win:

  • T1 Servant: 25%
  • T2 Servant: 20%
  • T3 Servant: 15%
  • T4 Servant: 13%
  • T5 Servant: 10%
  • T6 Servant: 8%
  • T7 Servant: 5%
  • T8 Servant: 4%

Visit the crate at /warp crates to find out specific rewards!

Usage Right Click: Walk up to the Servant Crate at /warp crates, and right click the crate with the key ready in your hand. The key will now unlock the crate.