Galaxy » Blackhole R


Package Description

Rank Upgrades: Galaxy » Blackhole Rank Upgrade

This package will upgrade your account from the Galaxy Rank to the Blackhole Rank. Level up your experience and unlock a wider range of unique features on the server!

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:

Mining Bonuses:

  • Fortune 5 Crystal, Efficiency 5 Crystal, Unbreaking 5 Crystal (also claim all Crystals from kits under this rank)
  • Permanent Sell Multiplier


  • /nv: Toggle night vision on or off
  • /feed: Feed yourself
  • /nick: Set your nickname (with colors)
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /clearinventory: Clear your inventory
  • /hat: Set a block as your hat
  • /enderchest: Open a virtual enderchest
  • /compass: Find your compass location
  • /near: View players who are in close proximity
  • /back: Teleport back to your previous location
  • /recipe: View the recipe of an item
  • /ptime: Set your own personal server time
  • /fly: Toggle flight mode on or off
  • /pweather: Set your own personal server weather
  • /tptoggle: Toggle teleportation requests off
  • /invsee: See inside the inventory of another player
  • /fix hand: Repair the item in your hand (1x per 10 minutes)
  • /rename: Rename your items
  • /disco: Toggle disco armor on or off
  • /kittycannon: Launch a kitty (1x every 10 seconds)
  • /heal: Heal yourself
  • /fix all: Repair all the items in your inventory (1x every 30 minutes)
  • /autosell: Automatically sell all of your items


  • Join full server: Join any gamemode while it is full
  • Keep XP: Keep your XP on death
  • Spawner Mining: Mine spawners with or without silk touch
  • Disposal Signs: Create and use [disposal] signs
  • No Chat Cooldown: No chat and command cooldowns, ever.
  • Colored Signs: Use color codes on your signs
  • No TP Cooldown: No teleportation cooldown, ever.
  • Repair Signs: Create and use [repair] signs
  • No Hunger: Receive no hunger on the server
  • Plot Music: Add music to your plot
  • Heal Signs: Create and use [heal] signs


  • Vaults: Access up to 25 personal vaults
  • Homes: Create an unlimited amount of personal homes
  • Plot Limits: Claim up to 12 plots
  • Chat Colors: Use all chat colors (except for &4 and &c)
  • Multiplier: Receive a permanent 4x multiplier
  • Player Shops: Create an unlimited amount of player shops

Kit Details: (Blackhole Kit)

  • Diamond Axe: Efficiency 100, Fortune 50, Unbreaking 90
  • Diamond Shovel: Efficiency 100, Fortune 50, Unbreaking 90
  • Diamond Armor: Protection 50, Fire Protection 50, Unbreaking 45
  • Diamond Sword: Sharpness 50, Fire Aspect 16, Unbreaking 45
  • Bow: Power 12, Flame 6, Unbreaking 45
  • 64x Arrow
  • 64x Steak
  • 64x XP Bottle
  • 16x OP Apple
  • 35x eTokens