These are the official NeoNetwork rules. Scroll down to view each individual tier. Should any rule be unclear, please message a staff member for clarification. Have fun!

Warning: Evading any ban or mute will result in the punishment length being doubled as a ban!

Tier 1 Rules

Punishment: Warn -> 2nd Warn -> 5min Mute -> 15 -> 30min Mute -> 1hr. Mute -> 6hr. Mute -> 12hr. Mute -> 1d Mute

Chat SpamFlooding chat with 3 or more messages in a row or spamming a line of characters."plz visit my island neoooooooooooooooooooo"
SymbolsUsing excessive symbols in chat. Small non-offensive symbols are acceptable in moderation, but don't overuse or spam them."( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
Non-EnglishSpeaking in any language other than English in public chat is not allowed. You can use party chat, island chat or private messages if you want to speak other languages."Hola, me gusta el mar"
Filter BypassIntentionally bypassing the chat filter with swear words or advertising."I like to eat sh!t"
Inappropriate ChatDiscussing topics which are obscene, inappropriate or otherwise have no place on the server. This includes inappropriate topics and political debates."No! How dare you insult the President. Let's debate this."
DisrespectDisrespecting another player, staff member or the server in any form is not allowed. Continued disrespect can lead to a Toxicity punishment. Just be friendly and kind to everyone and you will never have an issue with this rule!"You're literally the most vile human alive."
Fake MessagesIntentionally creating a message that is not real and usually intends to trick a player."[Alert] Alt +F4 for free money!"
HackusatingContinuously accusing a player of hacking without providing sufficient evidence and refusing to stop after being told by staff is prohibited. When accusing a player, it is recommended that the /report command is used.-

Tier 2 Rules

Punishment: Warn -> 1 Day Ban -> 3 Day Ban -> 7 Day Ban -> 14 Day Ban -> 30 Day ban

Light AdvertisingDo not encourage players to join another server, follow your social media, or click on your media link. Note that mentioning Hypixel is allowed, but not other networks that could be considered competitors to NeoNetwork."Let's go play my friend's Surival server, ask me for the IP!"
ImpersonationUsers may not impersonate another player, staff member or youtuber under any circumstance. This includes nicknames."Hey guys! TheNeoCubest here! Starting a stream!"
Minor Glitch AbuseDo not abuse any glitch under any circumstance. If you find a bug, immedieately report it to a staff member!Using /speed 5 in PvP
Event AbuseCheating in an event, including bypassing KOTH's restrictions with alts is strictly prohibited. This includes the Events server.-
Player CasinosPlayer casinos are not allowed.-
Misusing Commands
Misusing a command to pester or harm other players are not allowed. For example, spamming a player with duel or sumo requests despite being told to stop. Furthermore, commands such as shout must follow any other rules when used.

Inappropriate BuildsYou cannot construct obscene, offensive or derogatory builds.-
Kill BoostingPlayers must not use alts, friends, etc. to kill boost.-
Nickname AbusePlayers must not abuse /nick or use inappropriate nicknames. This includes impersonating staff members or YouTubers."/nick A$$hole12"
Misusing /reportUsing the /report feature in a troll/nuisance-like way will result in a ban-
Claim TrappingYou cannot build around a users claim with the intent of block or otherwise restricting or griefing another player.-
TP TrappingYou cannot trick other users into teleporting to you and then killing/trolling them.-
In-Game ScammingAttempting to scam a user out of in game items is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to fake auction house items, misleading trade items/attempting to remove items during a trade, etc. It is up to staff disgression on what scamming can be considered.-
Inventory FloodingFlooding a players inventory with items with malicious intent (ex: intentionally filling a players inventory with water buckets in pvp) is not allowed.-
Alt IslandsIslands must keep everything on a single island; using a separate island to store wealth, for additional space or anything else is forbidden. This includes completing missions or other achievements in order to receive rewards.

Tier 3 Rules

Punishment: 1 Day Ban -> 7 Day Ban -> 30 Day Ban -> Permanent Ban

HarassmentBullying another user which is defined as excessive disrespect, sexual harassment, or otherwise persistent harassment is not tolerated.-
ToxicityDo not continuously break rules, test limits, or be a nuisance on the server.-
Autoclicking/AFK Clicking (Mobs or Mining)Using any form of autoclicker under any circumstance is not allowed. This INCLUDES rebinding your left click, drag clicking, special hardware, software, literally anything used to gain an unfair advantage over a regular mouse user is bannable. If you are unresponsive in-game and are banned for autoclicking, you must take responsibility for not paying attention. It will be up to staff member's disgression whether or not you are autoclicking/AFK clicking. This rule includes doing any action on the server while not being active. You can't mine, fish, or kill mobs and not be present at your device.-
Disallowed MacrosAny keybinds set to win chatgames or otherwise gain an unfair advantage over players is prohibited.-
Excessive AltsPlayers are limited to 3 alt accounts at once. Alt accounts may AFK but may not be doing any automated tasks.-
Banning StaffPlayers are not allowed to ban staff from their island. Pinging the anticheat while doing so will automatically be enforced as cheating. Any concerns about staff members abusing this priveledge can be messaged to a manager.-
Account SharingSharing an account with the intent to grind, share items, or any other actions that may result in an unfair advantage is prohibited.Sharing an account so it can be grinding 24/7
Disallowed Modification Using any mod that can be considered unfair in any way, shape or form as determiend by management is not allowed. Also includes physical or digital modifications that can be considered unfair. This includes printer and anything similar as well as using 2 mouse at once to click. Please ask if you are unsure!

Tier 4 Rules

Punishment: 7 Day Ban -> 30 Day Ban -> Permanent Ban

HackingUsing any disallowed client, texture pack or any modifications which give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.-
GriefingGriefing which is defined as intentionally stealing, doing harm to another plot, island or player's build is not allowed. This rule also extends to griefing the survival world with lava monsters or other large scale builds intended to harm or otherwise make the terrain unplayable/unusable.-
IRL TradingTrading items in-game for IRL money is not allowed. You may only trade in-game items for buycraft (server store) items and giftcards. This is discouraged but allowed.-
IRL ScammingScamming a user out of irl items or gift cards is not tolerated.-
Island InsidingPlayers may not inside other island items.-
Autoclicking (PvP)Using any form of autoclicker under any circumstance is not allowed. This INCLUDES rebinding your left click, drag clicking and anything of the sorts.-
Kicking MembersKicking a player who has contributed monetary value through blocks, items, skycoins is prohibited unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. If it's unclear what a legitimate reason may be, refer to a staff member. Staff members should also be consulted to determine what proper division of items should be if there is disagreement.
Lag Machines
Avoid creating machines or contraptions which can lag the server (intentional or unintentional).

Tier 5 Rules

Punishment: Permanent Ban

AdvertisingDirectly promoting another server such as putting its IP in chat is not allowed."Join 12.345.567.8910 for FREE RANKS! Looking for STAFF!"
Misc. LinksIP grabbers, porn links, or otherwise harmful links are not allowed in chat.-
Dupe GlitchesDuping on the server is not allowed. You may also not attempt to find exploit glitches either. Reporting these to a staff member can often be rewarded. Abusing them will get your a permanent ban.-
Major Glitch AbuseYou cannot exploit any glitch with serious implications on the server. This includes server-crashing or griefing glitches. If you find a glitch, you are responsible for immediately alerting a staff member.-
BottingUsing a bot to simultaneously have multiple accounts join the server and chat or perfom an action is not permitted.-
Leaking Personal InformationDisclosing any personally identifiable information of players including addresses, full names, social media links, etc. is not allowed.-
Inappropriate SkinsDo not wear an inappropriate skin which would not conform to the rest of our rules.Hitler skins, naked skins.
Inappropriate IGNDo not have an inappropriate IGN which would not conform to the rest of our rules.-
Extreme HarassmentAny form of extreme sexual remarks or other forms of extreme harassments is not tolerated.-
Racism & DiscriminationUsing any racist remark, racist phrase, or racial slur is strictly prohibited. Likewise, discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.-
Suicide EncouragementAny encouragement of suicide or self-harm is not tolerated.-
ThreatsUsers may not threaten to harm other players. This includes DDoS and Dox threats.-
Unreasonable GiveawaysGiving away or performing any form of drop party with any item that may directly affect the island top leaderboards (ex: money notes, value blocks, etc) are not allowed. This includes opening your island to the public to get resources. Please confirm giveaways with staff members if you are unsure if it is allowed or not.-

Island/Gang Rules

Punishment: DQ Points

DescriptionDQ Points
Island/Gang BoostingIslands or gangs may not give or sell items at an unreasonable price or make any unreasonable offers (as determined by the management team) to attempt to alter leaderboards. Any actions to plot against/harm other islands/gangs through the form of boosting (as determined by the management team) is also prohibited. This applies throughout the season but will be strictly enforced before every payout.
Alt Islands/GangsUsing an alt in a way that may give an island/gang an unfair advantage such as housing wealth, boosting position on leaderboards, etc is not allowed.2
Hacking/Autoclicking (Per Offence)
For every instance of a member of an island being banned for hacking or autoclicking, a DQ point will be given.
Minor Exploits
Any non game breaking glitches found and used in order to gain an unfair advantage are forbidden. Any of these glitches must be reported to a staff member.
Major Exploits
Any major glitch or exploit found (including dupe glitches) and used without reporting it to a staff member will result in an instant disqualification.5
Merging Islands/GangsIslands or gangs may not merge with the intention of affecting leaderboard positions. Any merge requests must be approved by an admin+. If a request is approved, items that may affect leaderboard positions may not be brought to the new island/gang,5
Splitting Weath/Secondary Island or GangIslands or gangs may not give other smaller islands/gangs their wealth in order to achieve multiple leaderboard rewards. Teams are only eligible for one leaderboard position per payout.5
Extreme ToxicityIslands may not be overly toxic in chat or in any of their actions. Fun competition is promoted, but for the sake of the community and everyone on the server, there is a line where competition becomes toxic competition.
Other Unlisted Rules

The management team reserves the right to distribute DQ Points for extreme circumstances. Some rules may come up at a random time that does not specifically fall under the listed restrictions. In this scenario island leader will be messaged before any DQ Points are distributed. If you are unsure if something is restricted, DM a staff member or create a ticket in the discord.
The management team reserves the right to assign punishments for circumstances that may harm the server but are not listed under any pre-existing rule. This includes loopholes, abuse, and any other ways that may affect the server. This precaution is in place to ensure that the community gets the most positive experience on NeoNetwork!