Skyblock FAQ


“How do I return to my island?”Do /is go or /is home/is go or /is home
“How to join someone's island?"To join someone’s is do /is join (name)/is join (name)
“How do I make my island private?”Do /is private/is private
“How do I upgrade my island?”To upgrade your island do /is upgrade/is upgrade
“How do I see the chunk borders?”Do /chunkborder/chunkborder
“How to accept island invite?”To accept island invite on bedrock do /is join (name)/is join (name)
“How to trust someone to my island?”To trust someone to your island, do /is trust (name). To untrust someone from your island, do /is untrust (name)/is trust (name), /is untrust (name)
“How do I kick people from my island?”If you don’t want someone on your island do /is expel (name)/is expel (name)
“How do I ban people from my island?”To ban someone from your island do /is ban (name)/is ban (name)
“How to add/delete a warp?”To create a warp do /is setwarp (name). To delete do /is delwarp (name)/is setwarp (name of warp), /is delwarp (name of warp)
“What are missions/what do they do?”Complete /missions and get rewards, you have personal, island, and daily. If you finish all your daily missions you get a quest pouch that contains loot/missions, /is missions, /daily, /pmission
“How do I turn off beacon effects?”Do /is beacon and you can toggle the effects/is beacon
“How do I see what blocks gives me value?”Do /is blockvalues/is blockvalues
“How do I delete the Help Hologram?”Do /is settings and click on the oak sign/is settings
“How do I delete my island?”Do /is delete be sure to withdraw your money from island bank first/is delete


“How do I make an Anvil?”Anvils are disabled on the server, do /warp repair or /enchant/warp repair, /enchant
“How to enchant?”To enchant tools with vanilla enchants do /enchant/enchant
“Is there mending on here?”Mending is disabled on this server, to repair do /warp repair, or you can get the enchantment “preservation” to passively heal your tool over time/warp repair
“How to repair my tools?”Do /warp repair and click the sign with the tool you need fixed/warp repair
“How to add enchantment books to tools?"To add enchantment books on java, just drag the book to the tool, for bedrock you have to type /enchant bedrock/enchant bedrock
“How do I get custom enchants?”To get custom enchants do /enchant and click the middle book and buy a level of book, it will be random/enchant
“How do I remove an enchant/custom enchant?”Do /enchantremove (enchant name) look at the available enchant names to confirm it is correct/enchantremove (enchant name), /enchantremove (custom enchant name)

Mobs, Servants, Minions & Custom Items

“What are heads used for?”Mob heads are used as currency for the /hshop, use /htoken convert to convert all in heads in inventory, or to make minions in /masteries/hshop, /htokens, /masteries
“What are infused skulls used for?”Infused skulls can be used to make /mobarmor/mobarmor
“How to make minions?”To make minions do /masteries > crafting table > all recipes. Must have tier 1 to make that mob or item minion, you can also check tiers in /masteries/masteries
“How to make minions?”To make minions do /masteries > crafting table > all recipes. Must have tier 1 to make that mob or item minion, you can also check tiers in /masteries/masteries
“How do I get more spawner tiers?”Do /spawners and it will show you how many spawners you have to buy and how many mobs you have to kill to get to the next tier/spawners
“How do minions work?”Minions mine or kill mob/blocks that they generate and autosell the drops, the money is deposited in /is bank. Cactus minions need a block of space between them to work/is bank
“Is there a minion limit?”Minion limit is 2 per player, if you have wither rose rank your max limit is increased-
“How do servants work?”Servants mine or kill mob/blocks that they generate and collect drops, right click servant to collect items, change name, upgrade, or despawn it/servants
“How do I get a servant?”Complete three /pmissions. Extra servants can be obtained via servant keys in /buy or blackmarket trader/pmissions, /buy
“Is there a servant limit?”There is no servant limit-
“How do I use runes?”/masteries -> rune pouch/masteries
“How do I get a crop hopper?”Crop hoppers come from /buy, /soulshop, crate keys, the blackmarket trader or /ah/buy, /shoulshop, /ah


"How do I get to Black Market?"BM is in /warp pvp, jump down and head towards the big black spider statue until you see the big blue building, search the tunnels to find the BM. PVP is disabled for 1st 3mins after BM trader spawns/warp pvp, /bm
"What are Envoys?"Envoys are beacons that appear in /warp pvp, right click on them for loot. They spawn every 6 hours. Do /envoy in spawn to check out the next event/warp pvp, /envoy
“What is KOTH?”Koth is King of the Hill, stay on the red carpet the longest to get great loot! It’s in /warp pvp, jump down and it will be behind you to the right. Check when it starts at /koth/warp pvp, /koth

Dragon Boss

“How do I get to dboss?”Do /dboss and click on the endstone/dboss
“What are summoning eyes?”Summoning eyes are obtained by killing the endermen in /dboss, 16 eyes need to be placed in the end portal frames to spawn a random end dragon boss. Eyes obtained are found in /of/dboss, /of
“What are boss tokens?”Boss tokens are not currently enabled-
“What do I get for placing summoning eyes?”You get a higher chance of receiving more dragon fragments, loot pouches and dragon armor. You also get a chance of receiving the Ender Dragon pet-
“What are dragon boss fragments used for?”Do /dboss and click the armor, it will show you each armor set you can make and the perks it gives you. Found in your /of after dragon is killed/dboss, /dboss armour


“How do I link my MC account to discord?”Do /discord and copy the 6 digit code into the NeoNetwork Discord in the #account-linking channel and type “!link (code)”/discord
“How do I make a ticket?”If you have a problem please make a ticket on discord by joining the Neonetwork on discord and find the #create-a-ticket tab/discord

Money, Skycoins, and Souls

“How do I make money?”Grinding at your cobble gen, killing mobs, and farming will be the best ways to start earning money. Cactus farms are one of the best crops to sell/shop
“How does the bank work?”The /is bank holds money and Skycoins you can use for your /is upgrade, money can be withdrawn but Skycoins cannot/is bank, /is upgrade
“What is the lottery/How do I buy tickets?”Do /lottery info. You purchase tickets and whoever wins gets the pool of money put into it/lottery info
“How do I get Skycoins?”Do /skycoins list - Skycoins can be obtained by farming, mining, or killing mobs/skycoins list
“What do I do with Skycoins?”Skycoins can be used to /is upgrade your island, upgrade your servant, buy items at blackmarket or /coinshop/is upgrade, /coinshop
“What are souls used for?”Souls are currency for the /soulshop, you can obtain them by grinding mobs. You can double soul drops when you reach mastery T4 for a specific mob/soulshop
“How do I deposit Skycoins?”Do /is deposit skycoins (amount)/is deposit skycoins (amount)
“What’s the soulshop?”You can buy rare items, ranks, and servant keys in /soulshop. It refreshes every two hours and every zone has different items/soulshop
“How do I deposit money?”Do /is deposit (amount)/is deposit (amount)
“How do I withdraw money?”Do /is bank and withdraw from it that way or /is withdraw money (amount)/is bank, /is withdraw money (amount)
“How do I withdraw Skycoins?”Skycoins cannot be withdrawn from /is bank but can be withdrawn from your balance with /skycoins withdraw (amount)/skycoins withdraw (amount)

Obtainable Commands & Items

“How do I get fly?You can get fly from /buy, /soulshop or temporary fly from the blackmarket trader. You can /buy the sunflower rank that includes /fly/buy, /soulshop, /bm
“How do I fly?”Do /fly to enable and disable your fly perk/fly
“How do I get an autosell chest?”You can get autosell chests from /warp crates (petal and up), from finishing island missions, or /buy/warp crates, /is missions, /buy
“What are autosell chest/how do they work?”Autosell chests sell everything in them after five minutes (they sell more frequently if you have it upgraded on your /is upgrades) the money goes into /is bank/is upgrade
“How to get the Farmer’s Harvester?”To get the Farmer’s Harvester, finish your farming mission in /pmissions/pmissions
“What does farm luck do?”The more farm luck you have, the higher the crop yield you will receive, luck = fortune for crops-
“How to get spawner generators/What do they do?”Obtain spawner generators from crates and they provide random tier spawners in increments based on what upgrade you have. You can upgrade them using Skycoins-
“What are ranks/what do they give you?”Ranks can be bought in /buy or on All perks are listed under each rank. Ranks can also be achieved via in game money as well in the soulshop/buy
“Is this pay to win?”The server is not pay to win, you can pay real money to buy things that make it easier to play but spending money isn’t necessary-
“How do I vote?”Do /votelink/votelink
“How do I collect my vote keys?”Do /vote and click the ender chest to collect your vote keys/vote
“Votes aren’t going through for me”Unfortunately, we do not control the voting websites-
“I didn’t get anything from the vote party”Vote parties give a server wide skycoin booster-
“Where do I see my buycraft giftcards and how do I use them?”Do /giftcard and use the code at checkout at or at /buy/giftcard, /buy
“What is the monthly crate and where do I get it?”Monthly crates are a special crate with rare items you can /buy/buy
“What is a Mythical chest?”Mythical chests hold island value so you don’t have to place the blocks-
“How do I get a mythical chest?”Mythical chests can be found in /warp crates (pollen and up)/warp crates


“How do I turn feet drops on/off?”Do /settings and toggle feet drops by clicking on the iron boots/settings
“How do I check spawner tier/how do I see if I’m close to the next tier?”Do /spawners to see where you are in your advancement to the next tier of spawners/spawners
“What does /trust allow people to do?”You can decide what people who are trusted are allowed to do in /is and clicking “island permissions”/is

Helpful Commands

“How do I private message someone?”Do /w (stands for whisper, you can also type /whisper), /r (used to reply to the last person who pmed you), /msg (stands for message)/w, /r, /msg
“How do I teleport to someone?”Do /tpa (name)/tpa (name)
“How do I teleport someone to me?”Do /tpahere (name)/tpahere (name)
“How do I accept someone’s teleport request?”Do /tpaccept/tpaccept
“How do I visit someone’s island?”Do /is visit (name)/is visit (name)
“How do I use a disguise?”Do /disguise and click your disguise/disguise
“How do I remove my disguise?"Do /undisguise/undisguise
“How do I use a skin?”Do /skins, go to the tool you want to equip a skin on and pick the unlocked skin/skins
“How do I use a pet?”Do /pets/pets
“How do I make my tools and armor netherite?”You can buy netherite from /shop and craft a smithing table and add it like in normal minecraft/shop
“How do I sell an item on the auction house?”Hold item in hand /ahhand (priceperitem) or /auchand (priceperitem). To sell more than a stack of one item, hold the item and do /ahall (priceperitem)/ahhand (priceperitem), /auchand (priceperitem)
“How do I get back to spawn?”Do /spawn/spawn
“Can I make it so I don’t drop my items on the floor on accident?This locks your items in their spots/inv lock
“How do I hide all players around me?”This hides players. It does not work in the pvp area/hp
“How do I acquire a Fishing Spear/Trident?”Do /warp parkour/warp parkour
“How do I see my hToken balance?”Do /htoken/htoken
“How can I trash unwanted items?”Do /disposal-
“How can I see the top ranks on mcmmo skills?”Do /mctop/mctop
“How can I see the top ranks on one specific mcmmo skill?”Do /mctop (skill name)/mctop (skill name)
“How do I enable/disable nightvision?”Do /nv/nv